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What we provide

What we do

  • Free treatment
  • Free emergency hormonal contraception
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • One-to-one sexual health information and education as required

The clinic will endeavour to provide a user friendly service for clients with additional needs. Please contact the clinic for further information and advice to ensure that an appropriate appointment is booked.  

Testing services

All patients attending GUM are routinely offered testing for:

  • Chlamydia – females: self-taken swab test / males: urine test
  • Gonorrhoea – females: self-taken swab test / males: urine test
  • HIV – blood test
  • Hepatitis (B & C) – blood test
  • Syphilis – blood test

Examinations are only required in addition to the testing if you have symptoms. If you do not have symptoms, you do not need to be examined prior to testing.

We also provide

  • vaccination for Hepatitis A and B to patients assessed as being at risk of these infections
  • free condoms
  • cervical screening (smear tests)
  • PEPSE (post exposure prophylaxis) medication that can help prevent people from developing HIV if they have been exposed
  • Consultant led clinics for genital dermatological conditions and management of vulval pain disorders

Gum Examination

Gum Clinic Lab

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