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A strict code of confidentiality operates within the Department to protect our patients. We do not routinely give any information outside the clinic. GUM clinic notes are not part of a person’s general medical records. There is a system in place whereby personal identification numbers (PIN) are used instead of names for any samples or prescriptions that need to go outside of the clinic. This ensures that only GUM clinic staff has access to patient details.

Confidentiality and under 16s

If you are under 16 and attend the GUM clinic, you can still be entitled to full confidentiality. An assessment would be made by the staff to ensure that the young person understands the testing and treatment process. If it was considered that the young person’s wellbeing was at risk in any way it may be necessary to involve other care agencies. This is not very common and a full discussion will take place and any actions taken will be with the young person’s knowledge and understanding of the reason. Your safety, wellbeing and health is paramount. has FAQ’s and information specifically for young people in the Isle of Man.

GUM Clinic - Under 16s

Your Confidentiality

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