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Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinic

COVID-19 - Advice to GUM patients

COVID-19 - Advice to GUM patients PDF version

During the ongoing COVID 19 situation, can we please remind all our patients:

  1. Do not drop in to the clinic. Please contact the clinic on 650710. 
  2. Please do not come into the hospital if you are currently self-isolating.
  3. Please do not come into the hospital if you have a fever or a persistent cough. 
  4. If you are required to attend the hospital, please do not bring friends/relatives with you to your appointment - unless absolutely necessary. 
  5. Please adhere to the guidance of social distancing. 
  6. Please respect the staff; they are trying to help you. This is a difficult situation for both staff and patients. 
  7. Please telephone the clinic for any further information and advice if necessary. 

For the foreseeable future:

  1. All routine booked appointments are currently being deferred. Patients will be contacted directly where possible. Please contact the clinic if you have an appointment imminently and you have not been contacted. 
  2. Patients are being offered telephone triage on our usual number +44 1624 650710. This number is currently available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 
  3. Following telephone triage, patients requiring face to face consultations will be offered appropriate appointments. Please see above advice before attending the hospital. 
  4. Telephone consultations will be undertaken wherever possible.
  5. Patients will be offered testing kits via post where suitable. This will not include any blood tests. Please contact the clinic for advice if you believe you have had a high risk exposure. 
  6. PEP for HIV following sexual exposure will still be available during normal clinic times. Out of hours this can be accessed via the Emergency Department. 
  7. Patients requiring HIV care can contact the clinic as required on the number below. Please ensure you have enough medication. This is most important. The clinic is endeavouring to contact all patients to ensure they have an adequate supply. 
Patient information: please phone +44 1624 650710 

Gum Clinic Trailer

GUM is a sexual health clinic which provides:

  • free testing
  • advice and support
  • free treatment and onward care for all conditions including HIV

for all sexually transmitted infections.

The clinic also provides:

  • free pregnancy testing
  • emergency contraception
  • healthcare for victims of sexual assault
  • PEPSE (post exposure prophylaxis following sexual exposure) for HIV

The clinic is situated on the ground floor, west wing within Noble's Hospital, Braddan. It is well sign posted from the main hospital atrium.

Clinics are held as follows by appointment only:

  • Monday: 1.45pm to 4.15pm
  • Tuesday: 1.45pm to 4.15pm and 6pm to 7.30pm
  • Wednesday: 1.45pm to 4.15pm
  • Thursday: 9am to 12noon
  • Friday: 9am to 12noon and 1.45pm to 4.15pm                     

Please note that occasionally published clinic times are subject to change

Please contact +44 1624 650710 to book an appointment. All calls are treated in strict confidence.

There is no drop-in facility available at present. However, if concerned please ring for advice.

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