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School nursing

The School Nursing Service is a universal service which is an integral part of the Children and Families Community Nursing Service.

School nurses address the health needs of school-age children and young people in a range of settings, to include school, youth clubs, clinic and home environments. They may also have additional knowledge and skills to include mental health, family planning or teaching.

The school nursing service is committed to promoting and maintaining the health of school-age population in their social and educational environment, acknowledging ever changing needs.

The School Nursing Team comprises a multi–skilled team of:

  • registered nurses (school nurses)
  • community nursery nurses
  • specialist community mental health nurse for children and families

Each school has a named nurse who works with a group of primary schools and the related secondary school.

School nurses aim to act as an effective bridge between education, health and social care, supporting work on health issues in school and making services more accessible to pupils, parent’s, carers and staff. They can be the crucial link between the family and the school in the maintenance of positive health for children.

Specialist Mental Health School Nurse

The role of the mental health school nurse is to act as an interface between the universal school nursing service and CAHMS providing early interventions for children and young people with mental health needs that cannot be met by school nursing universal services.



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