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Ambulance and Paramedics

We provide a vital service to the Island and are pleased to give you an insight into the work we do.

The service provides pre-hospital care and ambulatory transport for the population of the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Ambulance Service employs 42 staff and operates 23 vehicles, as well as providing emergency pre-hospital care, the service in partnership with the British Red Cross provides regular transport for patients to and from the two hospitals who for whatever reason cannot provide their own transport. It operates from three sites on the Island:


Isle of Man Ambulance Headquarters

Cronk Coar

Noble's Hospital


Isle of Man


Telephone:Dial 999 in an emergency

Ambulance Headquarters Douglas

The Headquarters of the Isle of Man Ambulance Service is based at Cronk Coar on the Noble's Hospital site in Braddan.

Douglas Ambulance Station is on the old Noble's Hospital site at Ballakermeen Road and has ten parking bays for vehicles, as well as the usual rest and refreshment requirements for the staff. It is also where the major incident, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear ('CBRN') and other specialist vehicles are kept.

Call taking, ambulance control and communications are facilitated by one of Europe's first joint services emergency control centres, which is based in Douglas. The control centre deals with all calls for the Ambulance, Fire and Police.

The Ambulance Station has ten parking bays for vehicles, as well as the usual rest and refreshment requirements for the staff.


Isle of Man Ambulance Service

Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital

Cummberland Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:Dial 999 in an emergency

Ramsey ambulance station

The Ramsey Ambulance Station is based behind Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital, it provides parking for 4 vehicles in the form of garaged bays as well as a parking apron outside. The Station itself comprises of a crew room with kitchen facilities, training room, office and the usual locker room. Communications with the Control Suite is provided via a direct telephone link and fax.

Port Erin

Isle of Man Ambulance Service

Port Erin

Isle of Man


Telephone:Dial 999 in an emergency

Port Erin ambulance station

The Port Erin Ambulance Station is adjacent to the Southern Community Health Facility. It provides parking for 3 vehicles in garage bays that are directly under the staff accommodation areas. The station also has the usual rest and refreshment facilities and was designed so that it can be used as a remote control suite for Major Incident purposes.


The ability to provide an effective ambulance service is heavily dependant on having available a high quality ambulance fleet. The current vehicles in our fleet are replaced on a seven year rolling programme.

Our fleet comprises of:

  • 9 Accident and Emergency Vehicles, including 1 off road vehicle
  • 4 Patient Transport Vehicles with wheelchair capability
  • 6 Rapid Response cars
  • 1 Galaxy Rapid Response vehicle
  • 1 off road terrain vehicle
  • 2 Major Incident Trailers which incorporate an air shelter, emergency lighting and support equipment for crews and other allied services at the scene as well as CBRN specific equipment for decontamination.

During TT and MGP the Ambulance Service operate their own dedicated Air Ambulance which is invaluable during road closures. It also provides rapid transportation direct to the hospital for seriously injured patients. It is staffed by Paramedic/Technician crew. The service has introduced a new initiative for bikers, which helps motorcyclists involved in an accident to get aid as quickly as possible. This scheme is called the 'crash card', which is placed in the crash helmet providing vital information at the scene.


Training is conducted by our own Institute of Health and Care Development ('IHCD') accredited in-house training team where all staff attend annual refresher training, paramedic pre-selection, and driving assessments. This is further enhanced by trainers riding out with each member of staff for two days to assess practical ambulance aid and driving skills.

The centre is also used for joint service training and recruitment assessments. The Ambulance Service was recently re-affirmed as an Investor in People after successfully completing its three yearly assessment, one of a select number of bodies in the Isle of Man to receive the accolade.

In November 2010 the Department of Health's Ambulance Service had the opportunity to recruit volunteers for the Community First Responder Scheme. Volunteers are trained to deal with medical emergencies, including the administration of oxygen and the use of a defibrillator.

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