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How and where do I receive the payment of my Maintenance Grant?

Maintenance awards are paid in 3 instalments at the start of the autumn, winter and spring terms by bank transfer. 

How do I confirm to my University that the department is paying my tuition fees for the new academic year?

If your application is approved and we have received both proof of results and course confirmation, an official award letter confirming the amount the department will pay (less any student or means tested contributions) for the new academic year is issued, either to parents or directly to an independent student. A copy of this letter should be given to the university to enable them to invoice the department for its contribution to your tuition fees.

I have received an invoice directly from the University for my tuition fees, what should I do?

If the invoice is in relation to the fees support agreed by the department, it should be returned to the university with a copy of the official award letter (mentioned above). The university should then invoice the department directly for this amount.

Do I need to reapply for support for each academic year?

Yes, a Continuing Undergraduate or Continuing Postgraduate application form should be submitted for the second and subsequent years of the course. The forms should be available on the website in April/May.

Confirmation that the year prior to the continuing application has been passed should also be submitted as soon as is available.

Does the department pay the student’s accommodation costs?

No, this is the student’s responsibility. 

My maintenance grant is not enough to cover my living costs while at University, can I receive any additional maintenance?

The only support available from Student Awards is the means tested maintenance grant. The means tested maintenance grant is awarded under the Student Awards regulations and is to assist with living expenses. However, this may not cover the full living costs of the student (for example accommodation).

I have decided to leave my course, what should I do?

You should advise the Student Awards Section and your university as soon as possible. You must then submit your reasons in writing as to why you have left. A report will then be sent to the university and the comments will be taken into consideration by a senior officer when making any necessary reclaim decision.

I am Manx born but have been living off the Island for a number of years prior to the beginning of the course, would I qualify for support?

You must be ordinarily resident in the Isle of Man for the 4 years immediately prior to the beginning of the course to meet the residential criteria required by the Regulations. You will not be eligible for support if you have been living off the Island during this period, other than temporary or occasional absences, and discretion can be applied if you have taken a ‘gap year’ immediately after the completion of your A levels or undergraduate degree.

A student resident for less than 4 years immediately prior to the start of the course may also qualify by having a total of 10 years residency throughout their life, providing at least 2 of those years fall immediately prior to the start of the course. Supporting evidence of periods of residency would have to be supplied.

What is a Weeks Verification Form?

This form is issued with the official award letter and should be completed by the university to confirm the exact number of weeks you are in attendance during the academic year. The university will return the form to the department and your maintenance grant will then be reduced or increased to reflect the correct number of weeks in attendance. If this form is not returned to the department, the final maintenance cheque will not be paid out.

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