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Contributions and loans

Student and Means-Tested Contributions to Tuition Fees

If you commenced an off-Island undergraduate degree prior to 2013/14 or a postgraduate course prior to 2014/15, please refer to the downloadable factsheets on this page.

Student and Means-Tested Contributions to Tuition Fees for Undergraduate courses started 2013/14 or later, and Postgraduate courses started 2014/15 or later

For all off-Island undergraduate degree courses started in the academic year beginning on, or after, 1 September 2013 and off-island postgraduate courses beginning on, or after, 1 September 2014, students will be required to make an annual contribution of £2,500 towards their tuition fees. A loan facility will be made available to students by the department to cover the cost of this contribution. 

Where your contributors’ total gross income exceeds £100,000 per annum, an additional contribution is required. This means-tested contribution is set at 35% of that part of gross income above £100,000 up to a maximum contribution of £6,750 per student (see examples). This additional contribution is payable by the student and/or contributors and is not covered by the loan scheme operated by the department. 


Contribution type

Annual contribution

Undergraduate and postgraduate



Minimum means-tested


Maximum means-tested


Loans to cover student contribution 

The department may give you a loan to cover the whole or part of your contribution towards a fees grant. If so, you will be liable to make annual repayments with effect from 1 July of the year following that in which you cease to study for a course supported under the Regulations, providing your income exceeds £21,000.

Interest is payable annually on the amount outstanding at the rate prescribed under the Income Tax Act 1970 (interest on overdue tax), calculated by reference to the amount owing on 1 July of the year in which your course ends (N.B. this interest rate is currently set at 5% per annum).

The amount you must pay by way of annual repayment is 9% of the amount (if any) by which your earnings for the year exceed £21,000 until the loan plus any interest due has been fully paid.

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