Applying for a Student Award  

Welcome to the new Student Awards Online Service - Alpha.

We know that the next stage of your education, whilst exciting, can also be stressful making sure that you have everything ready in plenty of time.

So to help you prepare and to make sure that we can process conditional applications as soon as possible, we have released this service a little bit earlier than we normally would. That’s why we call it an Alpha Service. Everything works, is secure and your applications will be processed as normally. However, there are still areas we are improving and we would really appreciate it if you could help shape how we prioritise these improvements.

If you would like to take a minute to send feedback to us at, we would appreciate it.

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Year 1 students – We are now able to take ‘conditional’ applications from new Year 1 students.

Year 2 and 3 students - Students commencing their Year 2 and 3 studies should NOT yet apply via the online link for Year 1 students as they will receive a direct link to the application portal by email during June. 

Any applications made by Year 2 and 3 students ahead of this time will be rejected and a fresh application will need to be made.

Other continuing students – Hardcopy application forms will be posted to other continuing students shortly.

Documents to Submit with your Application 

To help us determine the amount of award you are eligible for, the Department will need you to provide documentation in support of the details supplied in your application. 

Verification of Income 

A copy of the Income Tax Resident Assessment Notice is required for each of the contributors in respect of your application.

If you qualify as an Independent student, the Department requires a copy of your own Assessment Notice plus that of your spouse, cohabitant or civil partner, if applicable. 

If the Assessment Notice is not available at the time of your application, this needs to be submitted as soon as possible in order to prevent undue delays in the processing of your application. 

If a contributor has an income that is derived partly or wholly from a business, or businesses, or a part or controlling interest in a company or trust, they need to submit the following in addition to a copy of the Assessment Notice: 

  • Audited or certified trading, profit & loss account
  • Audited or certified balance sheet
  • Income Tax Computation

Please note that where a maintenance grant is payable, the final grant payment will not be distributed until the relevant Assessment Notice has been received by the Department. Also, please be aware that support may have to be reduced or reclaimed should the estimated income figures listed in the original application form prove to be inaccurate once the income verification process is completed. 

Verification of Status 

If you are claiming Independent status, the Department may ask you to provide additional documents in order to verify your claim, for example, a copy of your marriage certificate to verify that you are married or a copy of your passport to verify your age. 

If your parents are divorced or separated and you are applying for a maintenance grant, the Department may request to see documentary evidence of your parents’ status.

Validation of Qualifications 

Where an award is subject to you meeting the academic criteria for support, you will need to submit a copy of your educational qualifications. If these are not available at the time of application, they should be forwarded to the Department as soon as possible after you receive your results.

Confirmation of Acceptance 

You will need to submit a copy of your acceptance or admission letter received from UCAS or your institution, as confirmation that you have been offered a place onto the course for which support is being requested.

When to Apply 

Your completed application form should be submitted to the Student Awards Section by 31 July 2018.

The Department cannot guarantee that applications received after this date will be processed prior to you starting your course. This may lead to the delayed payment of any maintenance grant that has been awarded along with problems in paying the tuition fees to the universities and colleges.