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Transferring and Withdrawal Advice

Transferring courses 

You may change to another course or institution and continue to receive support if you notify us first and do so within 12 months of the start of your course. This is on the condition that:

  • you provide us with the written agreement of the institutions concerned
  • you are transferring to an equivalent point of study
  • you must notify the department in writing before you change your course 

Withdrawal of an Award 

Should you need to withdraw from your course, you must notify the Student Awards Team as soon as possible, with a detailed explanation of the reasons for your withdrawal. You should also supply us with any Doctors Notes or any other information to support your withdrawal.

You can contact us at this address

The department will withdraw all or part of your award should you fail or withdraw from your course, or if your progress, conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory. In such circumstances, you will be required to repay any fees or grant paid in respect of the withdrawn award. 

Note that both you and any contributors in respect of your application are jointly liable to repay an award in the event of a repayment being requested by the department. You should, therefore, ensure that the contributors are informed of any changes in circumstances that might affect your award. 

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