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Payment of Tuition Fees Grant/Loans and Maintenance Grants

Fees Grant/Tuition Fees Loan 

For full-time courses within the UK or at UCM

The tuition fees grant will be paid directly to your university. If you are taking out a Student Tuition Fees Loan to cover your fees contribution of £2,500, the department will automatically include this with the amount it pays to the university. 

Should you choose to fund the contribution yourself, or where there is an additional means-tested contribution, due to gross income exceeding £112,000 per annum, you or your contributors will need to agree separate payment terms with your university’s finance office. 

For Private/Overseas Institutions and Part-Time/Distance Learning Courses

You will be required to pay your tuition fees in advance. The fees will then be refunded by the department on production of a receipted invoice and, in the case of an overseas institution, confirmation of payment from a student’s or parent’s bank account showing the exchange rate used in the transaction.

Maintenance Grant 

If you qualify for a Maintenance Grant, this will be paid in termly instalments, at the beginning of each term. Payment will be made by bank transfer and you will be required to provide your bank account details. The Department will WITHHOLD payment of your Maintenance Grant until it is notified of a confirmed offer and acceptance of your university place and, where appropriate, written confirmation of your previous year’s exam results.

Third term Maintenance Grant payments will BE WITHHELD until the Department has received verification of your contributor’s income, normally provided by means of their Resident Assessment Notice. Also, please be aware that support may have to be reduced or reclaimed should the estimated income figures listed in the original application form prove to be inaccurate once the income verification process is completed. 

Resident Assessment Notice are issued when the income tax return has been processed and the resulting tax liability calculated. This confirms if you owe any tax or if you will be receiving a refund. For further details regarding Income Tax 

Delays in receiving any of these documents will result in delays in payment.

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