Financial support

Financial Support Available

Subject to eligibility and personal circumstances, financial support is available consisting of 2 main elements: 

  • A fees grant to cover your tuition fees (subject to the limits and contributions referred to below)
  • A means-tested maintenance grant towards your living expenses

The Department will also offer a loan facility to students to fund the annual £2,500 fees contribution.

Tuition Fees Grant 

Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, the Department will pay your tuition fees for an approved course, but less any student or means-tested contribution you are required to make.

The normal maximum limit for approved tuition fees is £9,250 per annum, inclusive of the student and means-tested contributions, but this may be varied where the Department considers it reasonable to do so, having regard to the maximum tuition fees and availability of other equivalent courses at publicly funded institutions within the British Islands.

If you are undertaking a course on a part time/distance learning basis, the fees grant may be reduced. For calculating the amount by which the grant is reduced, the Department takes into account the income of the student and the contributors.

Please be aware that certain institutions (Imperial College London and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) do not charge ‘Island’ (Isle of Man and Channel Islands) students fees equivalent to the UK Home rate, unlike most other UK institutions. Should you choose to study at any of these institutions, your tuition fee support will be limited as a result. 

Student and Means-Tested Contributions to Tuition Fees

Where your contributors' total gross income exceeds £112,000 per annum, an additional contribution is required. This means-tested contribution is set at 35% of that part of gross income above £112,000 up to a maximum contribution of £6,750 per student (see examples). This additional contribution is payable by the student and/or contributors and is not covered by the loan scheme operated by the department.

LevelContribution typeAnnual contribution
Undergraduate and postgraduate Universal £2,500
Minimum means-tested £0
Maximum means-tested £6,750

Private/Overseas Institutions 

Support may be considered for a private or overseas institute but will be limited to a maximum of the tuition fees payable by the Department for an equivalent course at a publicly funded institute in the UK. Tuition fees for institutions outside the UK must be paid in advance by the student before being claimed back from the Department.

Maintenance Grant 

Subject to means-testing, support may be available to assist you with your living expenses. The basic amount of grant payable in respect of full-time study is shown overleaf.

The maintenance grant is calculated according to the contributor’s income, the level of which is used to determine a reduction figure. The amount payable is calculated by deducting the reduction figure from the basic grant and no grant is payable where this calculation produces a zero or negative figure.

Should more than one student from a particular household be at university at the same time, the reduction figure will be divided equally among each of the students.

Maintenance grants – Basic amount payable for full-time study

United Kingdom and overseasBasic amountExtra weeks (per week)
Non-advanced, undergraduate or postgraduate courses - -
London area & overseas (30 week course) £8,640 £288
Oxford or Cambridge (25 week course) £8,100 £270
Elsewhere in the UK (30 week course) £8,100 £270
University College Isle of Man Basic amount Extra weeks (per week)
Non-degree course (36 weeks) £2,970 -
Degree course (33 weeks) £5,400 -