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Disabled students

Who can claim Disabled Student’s Allowance? 

A student may be entitled to additional support where, in the Department’s opinion, they will incur substantial additional expenses in attending their course by reason of a physical or mental disability (including learning difficulties).

How do I apply for Disabled Student’s Allowance?

A guide to DSA support is attached to this page. If a student feels they may be eligible for DSA support, the application form can be printed off and submitted to the address below or scanned and sent by email. It can take several months for both the university and Department to complete the full review process.


Application form for disabled students allowance 2024/25

Quick guide to disabled students allowance 2024/25

Guide to disabled students allowance 202-25

DSA Applications

Department of Education Sport and Culture

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Rd

St John's


Email:Send Email

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