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Decision review

Review Process 

Your application will be processed by officers of the Student Awards Section in accordance with the Student Awards Regulations. Should you feel that your application has not been dealt with correctly under the Regulations, you can request a review, which will be carried out by a senior officer. 

Should you still be aggrieved by the decision following the review by a senior officer then, providing your application has not been rejected on the grounds that the course is not approved for the purposes of the Student Awards Regulations, or you do not classify as an eligible student, a further review of this decision can be requested. This will be heard by the Student Award Review Panel, consisting of a political Member of the Department and 2 Education Council members. 

It would greatly assist in this process if you could make sure that the reasons for requesting a review are given clearly and you supply supporting evidence, where necessary (e.g. additional information not included in your original application). 

Please note that the members of the Review Panel, as well as the officers of the Department, are unable to approve an award where an application does not meet the eligibility criteria specified in the Regulations.

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