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Registered Provider Reclaim

Please see downloadable documents for the Registered Provider Reclaim Form.


  • Claims can only be made against the cost of provision of pre-school services

  • Claims can only be made against original certificates which are held by the provider; where a pupil changes provider the certificate must be returned to the parent/guardian

  • Details of each claim must be recorded on the back of the certificate

  • Credits are not transferrable and can only be used for the pupil named on the certificate

  • Claims should be submitted on a monthly basis to:

Department of Education, Sport & Culture
Finance Division
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road
St John's

The pre-school credit award is allocated on a monthly basis and can be claimed a month in advance, the amount of award available for a child who attends pre-school all year round will be £347 per month. The amount of award available for a child who attends term-time will be up to £415 per month with the exception of December, April and July when up to £282 can be claimed and there is no credit remaining for August.

Payments will be made by BACS transfer and a separate remittance advice giving details of the payment will be sent by post.

All enquiries relating to reclaims or payments should be addressed to the Department of Education, Sport and Culture at the address above, telephone: +44 1624 685832 email:

False or fraudulent claims may result in legal action against the provider and/or the parent as appropriate.

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