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Principles and processes

The KSF provides a single, consistent, comprehensive and explicit performance review framework which enables the development needs of staff to be identified. It clearly defines and describes the knowledge and skills all staff need to apply to their work in order to deliver quality services. All staff employed under MPTC participate in an annual KSF Performance Development Review (PDR).

Principles and purpose

The KSF performance and development review provides a standardised framework, which is applied consistently to staff employed under the MPTC to support:

  • the personal development of staff within their current post
  • the career development of staff within the service
  • the provision, maintenance and development of quality services

Development, competency, equality and partnership working are the fundamental principles connected to the KSF.

KSF core dimensions

There are 6 core dimensions against which staff are expected to show and maintain competency. These are communication, personal and people development, health safety and security, service improvement, quality and equality and diversity. The level of competency expected depends on the grade of the post.


In most years, pay progression will apply automatically. However, atĀ 2 pre-defined points, known as Gateways, a decision is made during the review regarding pay progression. This decision is based on the development of the individual and their performance in accordance with the KSF core dimensions.


The KSF performance and development review can be split down into three separate stages; Personal Development Planning (PDP), Interim review(s), annual PDR.

  • PDP This is completed at the start of the annual process. It establishes the development needs of the individual, their responsibilities towards the organisational requirements and provides opportunities to explore how the KSF competencies will be demonstrated during the review period.
  • Interim review(s) The interim review establishes if staff are on target to meet the requirements of the PDP. These are generally heldĀ 6 months after the PDP meeting but in Gateway years will be held more frequently.
  • PDR This is held at the end of the 12 month period and is the final review. This meeting involves reflection on what was achieved during the previous year and how it was achieved. It allows decisions to be made regarding whether the individual met their agreed objectives and maintained their competencies

All documents relating to the KSF including key fact sheets, guidance documents and a downloadable form are available, to staff, on the DH intranet.

If you should require any further information please contact:

Nina Hogan, Training Manager

Telephone:+44 1624 642925

Email:Send Email

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