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Performance management

Performance management and development

Performance management is fundamental to the career support of staff for any well run organisation.

Performance management involves establishing a culture in which every individual takes responsibility for delivering a quality service, ensuring the continuous improvement of business processes, their own skills, behaviour and development. It is about sharing expectations. Managers can clarify what they expect individual and teams to do; likewise, individuals and teams can communicate their expectations of management and what they need to do their jobs.

Performance management is concerned with interrelationships, engagement and improving the quality of dialogue between managers and staff. It can serve many important purposes within an organisation by motivating and engaging employees, strengthening organisational goals, comparing performance against occupational standards and facilitating discussion of ideas and areas for development and improvement.

Performance management systems

To manage performance effectively, individuals should know how their performance will be measured; therefore there needs to be structures and systems in place to inform this.

A good performance management system promotes interaction and feedback between management and employees, establishes expectations for individual work performance, and enables the engagement and development of all staff.

Various performance management systems exist which are utilised by the IOM Government; scheduled 1-2-1 meetings, day to day feedback, clinical supervision, learning and development records, performance reviews and appraisals all contribute to the effective management of performance in the organisation. 360° feedback is also available to staff through LEaD. For more information contact +44 1624 685724.

Performance review and appraisals are vital to the effective delivery of services; they help develop individuals to improve performance and feed into organisational plans. They are essential to career and succession planning, for both the individual and the organisation, and play an important role in engaging staff, maintaining standards, identifying training needs and improving communication.

Performance reviews also provide a formal and regular record of an individual's performance and a plan for their future development.

Performance development

The Isle of Man government is committed to supporting staff to develop both within their current role or along their chosen career pathway and below are some examples of how the Isle of Man government supports its staff to develop.

  • 360° feedback
  • accredited training qualifications
  • acting up opportunities
  • coaching networks
  • conferences (UK and local)
  • development centres
  • eLearning
  • external courses/ training
  • induction
  • in House training
  • library Facilities
  • management Training
  • mentoring
  • provision of Higher Education facilities
  • secondments
  • seminars (UK and local)
  • shadowing/ observing
  • workshops

LEaD recognises that development, which is a process of active learning to maintain or enhance knowledge, skills, understanding and effectiveness, occurs through various processes. It therefore provides a wide range of opportunities to support staff appropriately in their development. For more information please see the LEaD prospectus.

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