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How do I know what's available from LEaD?

Have a look at our Prospectus for more information. It's available to download or view on this page. Otherwise, come in and see us. If you are interested in studying for a Higher Education ('HE') programme with us you may find it useful to come for an Informal Information Interview which will help you talk through your options and explain the routes through the HE programmes on offer.

What department do you work for?

We're based in the Cabinet Office, so will work with any department or board.

How do I go about getting the learning I need?

Look into the opportunities available and take advice from the Learning Team. Then take your suggestion to your line manager. You can do this through the Personal Development Planning process or at other times of the year. Once you have gained informal agreement, complete the 'application for study leave' form which will clarify all the reasons why you need that learning, the costs etc. Get that signed off and then apply for your programme.

I've never done anything like this before. Can I do it without taking the assessments?

Not all courses have assessments anyway so come along and see what we have. Where there are assessments we would always encourage you to take them because that is your opportunity to strengthen and enhance your learning and apply it to your work. We will be happy to support you along the way, and we can provide study skills training to help you get started.

what is psychometrics?

Psychometrics are objective measurements of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and communication preferences. Generally, they are based on the work of Carl Jung (Jung) and usually involve a questionnaire that surveys your preference towards a certain stimuli (i.e. communication style or motivation).

How will I be monitored and encouraged to learn during my course?

Qualified lectures, teachers and trainers with a wealth of experience in their subject field will ensure that you have the best experience possible. As with all training and development the level of monitoring will depend on the course.

What 'learning' support can I access from the LEaD staff during my course?

As well as running the ILM level 3 Coaching, a number of LEaD staff are qualified coaches and can provide one to one coaching support if required.

Depending on the content and outcomes of the course, our support can vary from one to one coaching, tutorial support for assignments or career development discussions.

I have personal learning requirements, I may need extra support during my course, who could I speak to about this?

If you notify us of your requirements on application, individual course tutors will contact you prior to the course to discuss your requirements and how we can support this.

I'm worried that I'm not keeping up to date with my mandatory training. What do I do?

Your first port of call is your line manager. All staff should be enabled to attend their mandatory training but you have a responsibility to ask for that too. Your manager should have a copy of the Mandatory Training Policy so that your needs are clear and if she has any difficulty accessing the training she/he should ask their manager or the specialists who deliver this training.

What courses are available part time outside of 'normal' 9-5 hours?

Most courses are run inside normal working hours, however, if you would like something bespoke for your team please contact Jo Roberts: or Ruth Hannah:

Can I study with LEaD if I work in the voluntary sector?

All of our programmes are open to anyone working across the Isle of Man government or with our partners in the voluntary sector. Certain charges may apply for some courses, if you would like more information please get in touch with one of the LEaD team.

I am a new manager how do I complete appraisals on staff for the first time?

Take a look at our Career Support page where it will explain about some of the performance management schemes in place. We also deliver Soft Skills of Appraisal training and you can have one to one support from our Training Manager as well. Good luck!

Are there any courses I can do to help me manage my team?

At LEaD we offer a range of management programmes such as Supervisor Training, First Line Management Development Programme, Leadership Development Programme and Senior Leadership Development Programme. With some of these programmes, you will have the opportunity to gain an ILM 3, 5 or 7 qualification in Leadership. Our prospectus has a wide range of leadership and management training on offer- these can be found in the Leadership & Development and Management & Accountability sections of the prospectus.

What is Organisational Development?

LEaD has a dedicated Organisational Development team that deal with planned, systematic approaches to improving organisational effectiveness by aligning strategy, people, structure and processes

What does Organisational Development do?

It involves aligning technical systems (strategy, policies, structures) and social systems (skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and leadership) to maximise performance of the organisation. Basically, this means we develop people and policies to maximise performance in the Isle of Man government.

What type of activities do Organisational Development do?

In the Organisational Development world, 'activities' are usually called 'interventions'. So don't be put off if you hear one of us using this term (it's nothing personal). Our activities/interventions include: 360 Feedback, Assessment Centres, Development Centres, Succession Planning, Team Building, Psychometrics, Coaching, Mentoring, Observations, Change, Organisational Design (structures and job profiles), CPD, elearning, diagnostics, rich pictures, research, design career pathways, develop mandatory training policies...or a bespoke combination of all of these interventions.

I’m a new manager and need some help establishing myself with my team, can you assist?

Yes! We can write bespoke team building activities that will help you get to know your team.

I need some training for my team, but I'm not exactly sure what I want, can you help?

Yes! Because the Organisational Development team offer a wide range of activities and training and are usually based outside of your Department, we are able to objectively assess the needs of your team and create something bespoke for you.

Is team building all about making rafts, outside in the cold?

No, although this is probably the most common misconception! Team building is a process that helps a group evolve into a cohesive unit working towards the same goal. So, you can make rafts if you want to, but we would usually recommend some psychometrics, team contract sessions, team values sessions, LEAN processing or even a course from our prospectus that we could tailor to meet your requirements. The key to team building is knowing the outcome that you are trying to achieve, or asking yourself why you want to build the raft in the first place?

I want to develop my career, what shall I do?

The first step in your career development plan would be to complete the 9 Box Tool which will help you assesses your strengths, areas of development and where you see yourself in the future (the tool is available on eLearn Vannin). Once you've completed your 9 Box Tool assessment, you would usually complete a Career Development Plan then pop in to see one of the team to discuss how to put your plan into action.

What is eLearn Vannin?

eLearn Vannin is the Isle of Man government's eLearning portal. On eLearn Vannin you can search the new LEaD prospectus, book and take training courses, access your training records, log your Continued Professional Development (CPD) and join online discussion forums. There is a growing range of learning opportunities on eLearn Vannin, and all staff are welcome to suggest new courses to be designed, or even develop their own.

How do I get an eLearn Vannin account?

Email the helpdesk:

How do I reset my eLearn Vannin password?

Log on, click My Details followed by 'Edit my personal details and change the password' or, email the helpdesk:

How do I change my eLearn Vannin details?

Log on, click My Details and make any changes. If you've moved departments, let the helpdesk know:

I’m not an Isle of Man government employee; can I get an eLearn Vannin account?

Please contact the helpdesk to double check:

I can't get to the Library during office hours because of my work commitments. How will I get the books I need?

The Library is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is staffed during office hours. The rest of the time you will need an access card. Just ask at the Library and they will sort it out for you.

I'm a carer and supporting a charity by doing research for them. May I use the Library to find out more information?

The multi-professional health and social care library at Keyll Darree is open to anyone with a legitimate interest in health and social care. Just call in and ask.

How do I become a qualified nurse?

The Learning Team runs a 3 year, full-time Pre-Registration educational programme to achieve a BN or MN in Nursing Studies through the University of Chester. Recruitment commences in January each year with an advertisement in the local papers, short listed candidates will be invited to an Open Day and interviews in the spring and will start the programme in September. The course is open to Island residents only and is subject to having 280 UCAS points.

I hear the NVQ has changed now. Can I still do something like it?

You can follow a programme under the Qualifications and Credit Framework ('QCF') which has now taken over from the NVQ. LEaD runs QCFs in Health and Social Care, Perioperative Care and many more.

I'd really like to be a QCF Assessor. How do I go about it?

We'd like to assist you to become an Assessor so that you can observe your colleagues in the workplace and help them achieve their qualifications. Just contact the QCF Co-ordinator who will negotiate with you regarding attending the next Vocational Assessors Course.

Voirrey Kewley, QCF Co-ordinator

Telephone:+44 1624 642936

Email:Send Email

The facilities at Keyll Darree look really nice. How do I hire them for my event in a few months?

The rooms are available for hire. See the charging policy and give the General Office a call on +44 1624 642934.

I would like to hire facilities for a 'practical' course. What educational facilities are available to hire from LEaD?

We currently have a number of sites with rooms available to hire. For more information and to check room availability please contact us.

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