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Library environment

The library is in Keyll Darree Training and Education centre.

  • Access is via four manual double doors which are pull to open, push to exit. The doors are not automated
  • There is level access to the library
  • There are two accessible toilets on the ground floor
  • Desks are of fixed height
  • Library shelves are unevenly spaced. Library staff are happy to help retrieve books for users if needed
  • Large signage hangs from the ceiling above different sections 
  • There are various sofas, bench seats, and individual chairs available throughout the library if you need to sit during your visit.

Coloured overlays

If you benefit from different colours or contrasts to the typical black on white then we have a few options available:

  • Coloured reading rulers can be loaned for use
  • Coloured paper is available on request
  • Colour Overlay Chrome extension is also pre-added to our computers so you can adjust the tint – you can get it for your own Chrome Browser on the Chrome Web Store

Text to Voice

EBSCO Databases have some text to voice availability on articles which are available via HTML. 

Image Description

  • We use image description on our social media
  • We are adapting our user guides to include descriptions of each screen shot – this work is ongoing, but please contact if you would like a text description version of any of our guides 


  • We can loan our book trolley to provide extra stability and a place to put books as you move around the library
  • Staff are happy to help retrieve books from shelves which are out of reach 

Large Print

  • We can provide large print paper guides on request (PDF guides available)
  • Large print versions of our search strategy grid and PICO form are available on demand


The library does not have air conditioning, but heaters and fans are available between the sale shelves in the library or by asking a member of staff. We are happy to help move them to your location.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

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