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Educational Research in Health and Social Care

There are reasons why we should have an active research culture amongst the staff and those working in health and social care, this is because:

  • change should be supported with thorough evidence
  • sometimes conditions on the Island vary from those elsewhere and it may not be sufficient to assume that research studies completed in the UK or elsewhere have equal applicability¬†
  • publishing materials based on our experiences enhances our reputation and raises awareness of the way in which our provision is often of a higher standard than elsewhere¬†

Furthermore, the opportunity to complete research stimulates the person completing it and helps keep them up to date. We therefore encourage staff, including and in particular, educators and tutors, to develop their personal research profiles.

There is also a growing strategic commitment to draw on the data gathered by research projects completed on the Island such as the ELSPAC longitudinal study of child health.

For those interested in developing their research activity The MSc in Professional Practice is offered within Keyll Darree. The final piece of academic work is a research project.

For further information contact:

Dr Mick Fleming Programme Leader

Programme Leader (Mental Health Field)

Telephone:+44 1624 642928

Email:Send Email

The Isle of Man Local Research and Ethics Committee can also be contacted.

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