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Areas of interest explored within Health & Social Care

Developments in Nursing

Lecturers areas of interest

Catherine Black Research methods, Cancer, End of life care, Pain management, Governance, Management and leadership& Quality.
Ber Devlin Law & Ethics, Professionalism, Professional Accountability, Pain management & Qualitative Research
Dr Mick Fleming Severity continuum model of psychosis, DBT, Structural modelling, psychosocial models of psychosis & clinical supervision.
Mark Haith Psychotherapy
Donna Hart Mentorship, Community Nursing, Non-medical Prescribing,Qualitative Research Process & NMC regulation & fitness for practice
Dr Lyz Howard Educational research, autonetnography, autoethnography, qualitative research, e-research, on-line and network learning, learning and development and curriculum writing
Dr Henry Mutasa Teaching: Biomedical & clinical sciences, Physical care in mental health services, Law & ethics in clinical practice, Substance use & addiction care, Psychiatric practice, Clinical psychology, Clinical leadership.Research: Dual diagnosis care, Older persons mental health care, Protecting & safeguarding those at extremes of age, Strategic leadership & care commissioning, Community recovery service delivery systems
Raymond Ndengeya Case series/ case studies, research philosophy, epistemology and research paradigms, CBT,health economics and policy, economic evaluation as a driver for policy change towards efficiency, public health, needs assessment, stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement 
Vicky Taylor Specialist interest areas Public Health: health inequalities; wider determinants of health, human rights, values, global citizenship and sustainability education at higher education level. Completed research paper on global citizenship in nursing education and presented at HEA conference September 2018.

MSc Professional Practice Dissertation May 2016 cohort

Student NameWorkplaceTitleMethodologyData collection Method
Susan Coyle Keyll Darree What are the factors that sustain an effective Multi-agency Safeguarding Training Pool of Practitioner/Trainers? Qualitative Focus group
Hannah Crawford Nobles Hospital Site An evaluation of the current gluten-free prescribing system, recommendations for improving care and cost-saving for the Isle of Man. Mixed Survey
Claire Green Nobles Hospital An exploratory study of post-operative surgical site infection surveillance following primary elective hip and knee arthroplasty performed on the Isle of Man. Mixed Telephone questionnaire
Jill Horsey Nobles Hospital Investigation into the accuracy of the FAST test when delivered by an island paramedic service and the impact on treatment of FAST test result. Qualitative Retrospective observational review of records
Sarah Kelly Nobles Hospital The Elephant in the Room – an exploration of maternity health care professionals’ perceptions towards obesity in pregnancy. Qualitative Focus Group Discussion
Glen Lloyd Mental Health Services Comparing perceptions of attitudes around dementia between staff from Specialised Dementia Services with staff from acute general care. Mixed Likert Scale with open questions
Elizabeth Sawyer Nobles Hospital Can engaging in the use of autoethnography contribute to the leadership learning development and growth of future nurse leaders? Qualitative Self-reflective data; self-observational data; external data
Vicky Taylor Keyll Darree Global Citizenship in Nurse Education Qualitative Focus Group
Keren Wormwell Nobles Hospital What is the impact of electronic recording of NEWS on patient clinical observation monitoring and compliance with Noble’s Hospital Policy on acute medical wards in the Isle of Man? Quantitative Retrospective case note review.

MSc Professional Practice Dissertation May 2015 cohort

Student Name WorkplaceTitle
Karen Beirne Community Effecting Transition.  Identifying the challenges and perspectives of nurses caring for young people with chronic health care needs, to aid effective transitional care.
Samanthia Harley Nobles Hospital What is the psychological impact on midwives of caring for the family unit of a baby subject to a child protection plan?
Steve Hobbs Mental Health Services What work factors increase the levels of stress in band 7 nurses working in the Isle of Man Mental Health Crisis Response Home Treatment Team: an exploratory study into work-based stressors and the potential for developing burnout.
Laura Kewley Community Exploring the barriers to implementing the HENRY 1-1 programme as perceived by Health Care Workers using a qualitative approach.
Linda Radcliffe Nobles Hospital An exploration of Executive Nurses’ perception of the role of the confirmer in nurse revalidation.
Linda Thompson Crookall House How effective is the informal ‘dynamic risk assessment tool’ (DRAT) at informing Registered Nurse (who work with children) professional assessment of potential risk to children, families and their practice?
Victoria Wilson Hospice IOM Do the care staff within the children’s hospice feel that the use of the Resource Allocation Framework (RAF) has led to equitability in care provision according to need.

MSc Professional Practice Dissertation May 2014 cohort

Student Name WorkplaceTitle
Jacqueline Pate Children and Families Parallel Journeys – Analytical autoethnography of a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse. Linking the personal to the professional.
Susan Dunajewski Community An Exploration into the Perceptions of Band 6 Nurses in Relation to Their Personal Resilience in the Workplace and the Role of the Organisation in Developing and Maintaining the Personal Resilience of Nurses.

Leading evidence based change in professional practice 2016 cohort BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (double core unit)

Student NameWorkplaceTitleModels used
Kim Durbin Nobles Hospital Pain relief in the Emergency Department: A proposal to suggest patients given analgesia at triage are reviewed during periods of long wait. Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)
Johanna Mnisi Nobles Hospital

Leading evidence based change proposal on guidelines for digital record keeping for nursing staff.

Reavy and Tavernier
Jo Oldfield Nobles Hospital

Implementing Required Referral for Organ Donation.

Val Stratford-Parson Hospice IOM

Leading evidence based change in professional practice by incorporating a Nursing and Care Agency facility within a Hospice at Home service.

McKinsey 7S

Leading evidence based change in professional practice 2015 cohort BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (double core unit)

Student Name WorkplaceTitleModels used
Sandra Bearman Hospice IOM The introduction of transition readiness questionnaires into a local children’s hospice service. Kotter
Gerry Black Nobles Hospital The pharmacological management of neuropathic pain in adults: implementing and integrating evidence based prescribing recommendations. NHS change model
Jenny Cannell Nobles Hospital Propose the implementation of Discharge Lounges in response to escalating waiting times in Emergency Departments both nationally and locally. Kotter
Fiona Carolan Nobles Hospital Change proposal for the development and implementation of a delirium information leaflet initially for post-operative patients and relatives in the Intensive Care Unit. Reavy and Tavernier
Duncan Corkill Community Mental Health A proposed change to professional practice through the introduction of an adult community based citalopram titration clinic led by a Mental Health Non-Medical Prescriber. PDSA
Ruth Hargreaves Community Mental Health Introducing a TMS (text messaging service) to improve the Depot Clinic attendance rates within a Community Mental Health Team setting Reavy and Tavernier
Siobhan Higgins Nobles Hospital Change proposal for the introduction of the enhanced recovery after surgery programme in a gynaecological ward. PDSA
Milena Karagoz Nobles Hospital Preoperative visits and patients equality PDSA
Suzanne MacKenzie Nobles Hospital The proposed introduction of a teaching package for changes in practice for all of the multidisciplinary team required for patients receiving enhanced recovery after colorectal surgery. ADKAR
Cathy Magee Nobles Hospital A change proposal for the implementation of a care and communication care bundle within an intensive/high dependency care unit. PDSA
Tania Manthou Nobles Hospital The complete implementation of the enhanced recovery protocol in lower limb arthroplasty that entails the introduction of a high energy carbohydrate drink pre-operatively.  Reavy and Tavernier

Leading evidence based change in professional practice 2014 cohort BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (double core unit)

Student NameWorkplaceTitleModels used
Tania Brummitt Noble's Hospital A change proposal for implementation of a pain assessment tool for cognitively impaired elderly patients on a surgical ward. Reavy and Tavernier
Sophie Cowley-Hardy Noble's Hospital A change proposal to change how the coronary care unit is staffed in case of an emergency with the use of an on call system. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Laura Skears Noble's Hospital A Change Proposal for Implementing a Specific Care Plan for all Surgical Patients in the High Dependency Care Unit. Kotter
Lisa Smith Noble's Hospital A change proposal: to implement an accumulative daily fluid balance chart to achieve an accurate record of a patients hydration status. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)

Leading evidence based change in professional practice 2013 cohort BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (double core unit)

Student Name WorkplaceTitleModels used
Natalie Britton Noble’s Hospital A research proposal to support the implementation of bedside handovers. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Rian Gale Noble’s Hospital The value of nurse contributions to lead the evidence-based introduction of electronic patient records into professional practice: a quality change proposal. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Kate McKellar Noble’s Hospital A research proposal to implement a pain assessment tool for patients with severe dementia who are unable to communicate verbally on an acute medical ward. Reavy and Tavernier
Caroline Murphy Noble’s Hospital An evidence based research proposal to prepare an Adult Day Surgery/Endoscopy Ward and the ward team for paediatric admissions. ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement)
Catherine Tracy Noble’s Hospital A Research Proposal for the Introduction of a Pre Assessment Clinic, (PAC), for a Gynaecology Ward. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)

Implementing Change in Practice 2012 cohort BSc (Hons) Health Studies (double core unit)

Student NameWorkplaceTitleModels used
Frances Bland  Rebecca House Implementing change in practice: The extubation of children in a home from home environment instead of an intensive care unit NHS Change Model
Anne Byrne Hospice Implementing Change in Practice: a ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’ (MBSR) approach to assist in the management of anxiety within a palliative care setting. NHS Change Model
Rebecca Erani  Noble’s Hospital Implementing Change in Practice; The update of local protocol to incorporate evidence based guidelines Kotter
Tracey Hall  Noble’s Hospital A Proposal to Implement Bedside Handover On an Elective Orthopaedic Ward Using PDSA Model for Improvement PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Sally Hargreaves  Older Persons Mental Health Service A change proposal to explore the introduction of specifically documented psychosocial interventions in a client’s plan of care, where the client has been given a diagnosis of dementia following memory services assessment. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Tracy Kelly  Noble’s Hospital The Proposed Implementation of a Teaching Package for the Changes in Nursing Practice Required for Patients Receiving Enhanced Recovery Colorectal Surgery ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement)
Rebecca Kneale  Noble’s Hospital Implementing a pain assessment tool for individuals with severe dementia and cognitive impairment PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Barbara Lawton           Hospice Introduction and development of a palliative home care team Kotter
Emily Lord  Noble’s Hospital Change proposal to encourage wider use of self-administration of medication for patients in hospital. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Greeba Mulrooney  Noble’s Hospital A proposal for the implementation of the mini nutritional assessment screening tool for elderly persons in an in-patient setting. ADKAR Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement)
Rachel O’Neill  Noble’s Hospital The use of a Change Model to propose the introduction of a stream for patients with minor injuries attending Accident and Emergency PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Siobhan Pirrie  Community Mental Health Team Introducing an assertive community treatment subteam within the Community Mental Health Team Senge
Kelvin Rossiter  Older Persons Mental Health Service Working together we can improve on the assessment and early identification of individuals displaying behaviours of dementia, a proposal for change applying the Stetler model of research utilisation. Stetler
Suzanne Slater  Noble’s Hospital Change proposal outlining the development and implementation of an individualised patient transfer information booklet, in the Intensive Care Unit with an aim of reducing transfer anxiety. Rosswurm and Larrabee
Joanne Standish  Noble’s Hospital A change proposal for the introduction of Condition, Witness, Incident, Location, Time, Escort, and Description/Disability (CWILTED) paediatric triage assessment in an Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Rachel Taylor  Noble’s Hospital Implementing symptom triggered therapy for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal scale using the Plan-Do-Study-Act model and Rogers Diffusion of Innovations Theory. PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model); Rogers
Nicola Voysey  Noble’s Hospital Proposed introduction of SBAR to structure the content of nursing handover. (PDSA (Plan Do Study Act Model)
Dianne Watson Hospice Implementing change in practice: introduction of a system to record the wishes of patients suffering from a life-limiting disease and who also are exhibiting the early signs of dementia, Alzheimer’s or similar conditions that affect memory. Rosswurm and Larrabee
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