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Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

All teachers who achieve Qualified Teacher Status experience an induction period, lasting an academic year, during which they receive support and guidance from their school and from the Department for Education, Sport and Culture ('DESC') to give them the confidence they need as they enter a demanding profession.

Newly qualified teachers ('NQTs') receive a tailored programme of professional development and monitoring. In their first year, NQTs teach fewer lessons than more experienced teachers, freeing them up for training and development. They are assigned their own induction tutors.

As in England, NQTs in the Isle of Man will be assessed against the criteria outlined in the UK Department for Education document 'Teachers' Standards - Effective from 1 September 2012'. In order to meet the standards, NQTs will need to demonstrate that their practice is consistent with the definition set out in the preamble and that they have met the standards in both part 1 and part 2 of the document.

Their teaching is observed, with follow-up review meetings, and each term they meet their tutor and/or headteacher to ensure they are meeting the teachers' standards. The performance of NQTs is assessed to a level that is consistent with what should reasonably be expected of a teacher at that stage of their career. After the third (final) term's assessment, the NQTs' headteacher advises the DEC whether they have attained the required standards and the NQTs receives confirmation he/she has satisfactorily completed the induction period. NQTs are supported and their induction period monitored by members of the DEC's Education Improvement Service.

School Improvement Advisers:

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