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Civil Service

The Civil Service is one of the biggest employers on the Isle of Man. Work varies widely from paying pensions or collecting income tax to helping to develop arts or education policies, or dealing with the environment. The Civil Service employs many specialists including economists, lawyers and scientists in laboratories, prisons, airfields, museums and workshops as well as in offices.

The Civil Service has flexible attitudes to working hours and family friendly policies.

Promotion is on merit and open to applicants from outside the Civil Service.

These days the Civil Service is subject to review with departments being reorganised. Civil servants need to be flexible and able to cope with change.


Each department is different, so it’s impossible to be specific about the type of work that new entrants will do. However, most jobs involve contact with the public. Whatever your position, you need good communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team and be methodical and accurate.

Entry grades

If you have 5 or more GCSEs at Grade C and above, including Maths and English, you can expect to enter the Civil Service at an Administrative Officer ('AO') Grade. Those without qualifications can expect to enter the Civil Service at an Administrative Assistant ('AA') Grade. AA staff deal with the post, update records and do photocopying, filing etc. Both grades will also be expected to deal with members of the public, to answer questions or obtain information. All civil servants receive regular appraisals which will identify any training required to progress to more senior grades.

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