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What career?

If you are not sure what career is right for you, you could try using one of the following; Kudos or Kudos AD. These ‘interest guides’ are provided by Cascaid Ltd and are not owned or controlled by Isle of Man Government but could give an indication of the sort of careers you may find interesting or enjoyable.

Click on one of the following links above. You will first need to enter the first part of your post code. Once you have shown you are an Isle of man resident, you will then be able to register/log in to the Cascaid website. Remember to write down the username & password you create for yourself as this will be between you and Cascaid; Isle of Man Careers guidance service will not have a list should you lose it.

Work your way through all of the questions thinking carefully about how much, or how little you enjoy the actions described. There will be some aspects of work that really don’t matter to you but try to be positive or negative if you can and also try to differentiate. i.e. would you like the activity describe or would you really love it? Would you dislike an activity or would you detest it? Remember to answer broadly about the activity rather than giving an answer based on a job that comes to mind.

Hairdressers and beauticians use tools as well as construction workers and mechanics, so a negative answer to questions about using tools would eliminate these jobs from a list of suggested careers! Try to answer as many questions as possible and the programme will build a profile of your interests and match with a database of careers.

Please note this will be a UK database and some jobs may not be available on the island. Also, when you click on a job you will get information about that career including average pay qualifications needed and who to contact for further information.

While most Isle of Man companies/professions will require the same qualifications and sign up to the same professional bodies for overseeing that profession, for careers such as the civil service, you should contact Isle of Man government rather than the UK departments listed and for apprenticeships you should contact Department for Enterprise Training services in the first instance rather than using any links from the database.

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