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Careers Framework

2017 Department for Education, Sport and Culture Careers Framework 

The Department for Education, Sport and Culture believes that education should develop a positive attitude to learning alongside the acquisition of knowledge, understanding and skills. These attitudes or 'dispositions' for learning are encapsulated within the Essentials for Learning (E4L) curriculum which has the aim 'to inspire learners to flourish in life.'

Dispositions include:

  • readiness
  • relationships which are positive
  • resourcefulness
  • resilience
  • remembering skills
  • reflectiveness

Employers often outline these types of skills alongside academic qualifications as being crucial to the successful transition of young people from school, further or higher education into the world of work. 


The 2017 Careers Framework is a guidance document that will help schools to continue to plan, deliver and review careers programmes that meet the range of needs of learners at different ages and stages of development.  

It is also a useful document for employers and others working with children and young people as it helps support wider understanding of how their contributions can complement school careers, employability and enterprise education programmes.

Printed copies

Printed copies of the 2017 Careers Framework are available from reception at:

Department for Education, Sport and Culture
Hamilton House
Peel Road
Douglas, Isle of Man

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