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Advice for young people

Careers Advisers regularly visit the Island’s secondary schools and the Isle of Man College to offer advice and the range of services include:

Secondary School Students

  • Individual advice on choosing GCSE subjects during school visits and at career conventions and options evenings

  • Advice to year 11 students on options following GCSEs, including an individual guidance interview

  • Advice to year 12 students on employment options or subjects to continue studying to A2 level

  • Advice to year 12 and 13 students who are seeking careers advice to help to choose the appropriate university courses, careers and employment

  • Advice to reconsider options if necessary following exam results

University College Isle of Man Students

  • Careers information. The College library has some careers and higher education information including books for loan, reference material and prospectuses

  • A direct free telephone link to the Careers Service is available from the College or you can make an appointment at Student Services. Telephone: +44 1624 685128 or email student services at

  • College students may use the Careers Centre in Douglas for careers/higher education information

16-24 Unemployed or in need of Training

  • Assistance with plans and advice on employment suited to you

  • Help with application forms and letters to employers

  • Interview techniques

  • Training courses, paid and unpaid, available

  • How to declare criminal convictions

One of the training courses available is Preparation for Work.

Preparation for Work

Video Description

The prepare for work course is for young people between the ages of 16 – 24; the course offers the opportunity to gain new skills in a fun, informal learning environment. It provides the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills which will prepare you for the workplace. Young people have the opportunity to learn about customer service, communication, managing difficult situations and workplace behaviours. A young person who recently attended the course said ‘that the course was really enjoyable and taught me lots of skills for the workplace which I hadn’t thought about before’. The six week training programme is held over two days per week; it boosts confidence and gives young people the opportunity to learn about the practicalities of the world of work.

If you think you would benefit from attending this course please contact the careers service on +44 1624 685128.

UK Higher Education Institutions

Most students based in the Isle of Man go to higher education in the UK or Eire although there are an increasing number of Higher National Diploma and degree or part degree courses available at the Isle of Man College.

The Isle of Man Government supports students by paying tuition fees and giving a means tested maintenance (living) grant. Approximately 1,300 undergraduates and post-graduates are supported annually. For information about student grants and awards see Student Awards.

An annual higher education conference is staged each year to which representatives of UK HE institutions are invited. This gives universities the chance to meet potential students and vice-versa. Further information is available from Ballakermeen High School, email:

University Students and Graduates

If you are an undergraduate or have just graduated, your university or college careers service will provide specialist advice and information relevant to your course. However, there is also advice available through the Isle of Man’s careers service and may be especially useful if you are considering returning to the Island. We can offer:

  • Appointments for individual careers guidance

  • Information on local employment and post-graduate study

  • Advice and information on post-graduate study off Island

  • A wide range of careers and educational resources

  • Computer programs to assist in career and course choice including Adult Directions, Keyclips and Ecctis

To discuss local opportunities following graduation make an appointment to see a Careers Advisor on +44 1624 685128 or email

You could also start contacting local employers ‘speculatively’ to see if there are likely to be any vacancies in a particular sector. The more companies you contact, the more likely you will find one who is considering recruiting and you will definitely be demonstrating that you are motivated to work in that particular area. This is what Louise Peat did when she wanted to get into the Biomed sector: 

'After completing my degree in biomedical science I began my search for a career within the industry. At first I was unsure if I could pursue a career on the Isle of Man as my chosen industry was not something people associate the island with. I set about finding more information about the Islands potential science careers when I came across an article about the Manx BioMed conference. I took it upon myself to  contact The Manx Bio Med conference organisers to gain a wider insight into the conference and hoped to gain great contacts within the industry both on and off island.

This experience opened my eyes to potential careers on island which I previously had not known were available. After a few months of hard work I have secured a job with a Pharmacovigilance company. I am very happy that I have been able to begin my career on the island where I grew up. I hope that other students look further into the potential careers that the island has to offer in the ever growing BioMed industry.'

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