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Apprenticeships Message Bulletin - July 2020

As of 01/07/2020 we wish to make our customers aware of the following:

  • Our main public counter at Hamilton House is now OPEN. You can also send correspondence and paperwork to us via email
  • UCM are now accepting online and postal applications as normal. 
  • If you are an apprentice with us and there are uncertainties with your current work, we will try to help you find alternative work experience and help you still finish your apprenticeship qualification. Under the current circumstances relating to the Coronavirus outbreak you will not be removed from your training course at UCM if you do not have a current employer. 

Should an Apprentice be made redundant, under the current circumstances the Department and UCM will commit to supporting completion of the training even if there is not an employer. 

  • Notice to Employers of Apprentices Plumbing & Heating Engineers: Enquiries have been received by the department in respect of the provision of specialist Gas & Gas Safe courses from July 2020 onwards. The department will be running a re-tendering exercise in the coming weeks to select future training delivery and, therefore, a level of funding will be available towards these courses. As yet the department is unable to advise who the provider of these courses will be. It is not envisaged that the tendering process will have an impact on the future need for training or accreditation renewals. 
  • Please note the next employer payment forms will be sent out in August 2020.
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