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Age 5 to 16

Compulsory education in the Isle of Man runs from age 5 to 16.

The curriculum content is largely drawn from the English national curriculum, with amendments to reflect the Manx context, but schools have the freedom to deliver this content in an imaginative way, which engages and motivates children to become independent learners.

The Manx language is available on an optional basis from age 8.

In addition, there is a statutory requirement for schools to deliver an agreed religious education syllabus to all pupils.

As pupils progress through secondary education, and especially from Key Stage 4 (14/15), their learning will increasingly focus on the need to cover key elements of the appropriate examination.

Public examinations at age 16 are the main focus for the majority of pupils. These mostly take the form of GCSEs but many pupils are also able to access a range of more vocational qualifications.

Many older pupils take up the opportunities schools offer, such as Duke of Edinburgh and sports leadership awards, to gain a wider range of qualifications.

The Island’s many cultural and historical strengths allow a strong emphasis to be placed on Manx curriculum work. Personal, social and health education and citizenship are a key component of the learning experience for all pupils.

There are 6,358 pupils in primary schools and 5,429 11 to 18 year olds in secondary schools (October 2014).

Schools’ performances are monitored on a regular cycle of School Self Review and Evaluation (SSRE), with schools’ own assessments validated by DEC officers and external consultants. These reviews cover all aspects of the organisation of the school including the ethos, management planning and development planning of each school.

Special educational needs of pupils are met in mainstream settings wherever possible. All schools support children with special needs and many have special units for meeting the needs of children and students with severe and profound learning difficulties.

Each school has its own brochure for distribution to parents to either download or a hard copy. Please contact individual schools.

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