Adults Info ButtonOur vision is to make safeguarding everyone's business. This section is intended to provide safeguarding information, advice and guidance to our communities, to those working in services for children, young people and adults and to colleagues who attend our meetings.

Child Info ButtonOne purpose is to ensure everyone knows about safeguarding and understands what to do if they identify any risk to themselves or others. This includes information about how to spot the signs of risk and how to report concerns.

Forums ButtonA second purpose is to raise the visibility of the Safeguarding Children Board ('SCB') and Safeguarding Adults Partnership ('SAP') across the Isle of Man. The website sets out our key priorities for action, the progress we are making in achieving our safeguarding goals and the challenges that we are addressing. It also celebrates success that has been achieved.

Safeguarding Newsletter ButtonThe SCB and SAP aim to

  • enable children, young people and adults to safeguard themselves
  • support the minority that are at risk and vulnerable
  • intervene when protection is needed

This work is set in the context of supporting the Government's strategic imperative for 'an inclusive and caring society'.

I hope you will find this site helpful.

Glenys Johnston OBE
Independent Chair 
Isle of Man Safeguarding
Telephone: +44 1624 687365