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Referral information

Referrals to the service are usually through your GP, who will initiate contact for you if your needs are appropriate to the services offered.

For the service to make a decision on the most appropriate pathway to accommodate your needs, it is essential that you provide as much information as possible to your GP regarding your memory or mental health problems.

The person responsible for making the referral can help you with these details.

Reason for referral to the mental health services

Initially this is for you to discuss with your GP.

Things to consider:

  • Why do you feel you have a memory problem?
  • Is it something you have noticed yourself, or has a friend / family member noticed?
  • How long have you been experiencing this low mood?
  • Have you experienced any life events that could have contributed to this?
  • How are your memory problems (or other symptoms) affecting your day to day life?
  • Have you ever experienced these symptoms before?
  • Is there any family history that these symptoms could relate to?
  • Are you experiencing any physical illness that could be affecting your mental health?

The above questions are not exhaustive, and might not all be relevant to your current situation. However, all details given can help us to provide a more efficient service.

It could be that your GP notices something that you have not, leading to the referral, particularly if they know you well. This is often described as a 'change in presentation'.

You could also be asked to provide information about any medical history, including any social and psychiatric information which could be relevant to you.

If you are referred to Older Persons Mental Health Services

OPMHS has a multidisciplinary team (MDT) who will decide a starting point in the service relevant to your particular needs.

This often involves an initial assessment, usually carried out by a community mental health professional (CMHP). This could involve some cognitive and mood testing, and a more in depth discussion about your particular problems and needs.

It is possible that after this assessment, other members of the OPMHS Team could become involved in your care; again, this depends upon personal circumstances.

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