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Moving from CAMHS

Young people can be seen in CAMHS until they are 18. After this they can get the help they need from adult services.

camhs exercise logoWhen the time is right, your CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) worker will help you to plan your move to adult services, if it is felt you will need the further help of CAMHS, as well as supporting you with your current difficulties. This is called transition.

The CAMHS worker will make sure that your care is transferred to the right service and that you know who your new worker will be in plenty of time.

CAMHS and adult services will work together for a while to help you get used to the change and so you have time to say goodbye to the people you have been seeing.

Planning the move

Your move will be planned slowly and you will have a written plan, so you know who is supporting you and what to do if you become unwell.

Your CAMHS worker will arrange a meeting to plan your move and will invite the people you both feel are important in supporting you. Remember that this is YOUR meeting and not a meeting where people make decisions without you. The CAMHS worker will help you to voice your opinions in these meetings.

Further support

If you do not need to go to adult mental health services, your worker will help you to find out what other local services can support you. They may also help you to contact these other services.

If you move to adult services your notes will transfer with you. This will help your new workers to plan your care and will mean you do not have to repeat all the same information again.

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