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FAQs Caring and Support

How long will my relative be in Manannan Court, can they stay there permanently?

This will depend upon the condition of the patient and the doctor's assessment. Please speak to the patient's doctor.
Grianagh Court Admission Unit

Noble’s Hospital



Isle of Man



Who will physically take my relative to nursing home?

It is recommended that clients and/or their families go to have a look round a residential home or a nursing home before deciding to go in. If families cannot do this, a social worker may be able to assist. Having decided on a home, clients being discharged from hospital who are not able to travel in a car may have to be transferred from hospital by ambulance. Clients being transferred from home can only be transferred by ambulance if there is no other alternative means.

What is the Home Care Service?

The Home Care Service provides support to enable people to continue living in their own homes for as along as they are able. The amount of help provided depends on the needs of the individual client who is encouraged to remain as independent as possible.

Who can get home care?

Those who are unable to cope with personal care and physical tasks due to illness and age. Post operative conditions requiring rest and convalescence, psychological or mental conditions which interfere with the ability to look after themselves, long term disabilities, post natal complications, carer needing support.

Who will pay / provide home care services?

Help with personal care is provided on the Island by a number of agencies; a list can be provided on request. Clients have to pay for this service. It is only provided free of charge by Social Services Home Care to clients on Income Support.

What do Home Carers do?

Following assessment of the needs of the client by the Home Care Organiser, and taking into account the ability and expectations of the client and any other support available, a care plan is drawn up specifying what tasks the Home Carer will undertake. This may be any of the following: Assisting with washing/dressing, toileting, preparation of food, lighting coal fires/bringing in coal, shopping/paying bills, collecting benefits from the Post Office, prompting medication if part of a package of care.


What happens if relatives can't manage at home, or residential homes can't manage?

If a person needs more support at home that his/her family can provide, a social worker can assess what care needs the client has, and can help to arrange support services that can meet those needs. If a person cannot remain safely at home, then the options to be considered are residential care or nursing care. If a person living in a residential home needs more care than the home can safely meet, then he/she may have to move to a nursing home.

Where can I obtain a letter of estrangement?

A letter of estrangement can be obtained by contacting:

Children and Families

Department of Health and Social Care

2nd Floor Murray House

Mount Havelock



Telephone:+44 1624 686179

Email:Send Email


Do Social Services have emergency housing?

No, but if you contact:

Adult Services Access Team (ASAT)
Department of Health & Social Care
Markwell House
Market Street

tel +44 1624 686179

and they can arrange for you to have access to a telephone and give you advice regarding benefits.

Am I eligible for a Blue Badge (disabled parking badge)?

By clicking on the Blue Badge link on the right, you will find full information regarding Blue Badges and will be able to determine if you are eligible to obtain one.

Am I eligible for a bus pass?

For more information about bus passes, please call: +44 1624 662525

Can Social Services help with access to my children?

As gaining access to your children is legal matter you are advised to speak to an advocate. Advocates can advise you on how to apply for legal aid if this is relevant to you.

Where do I find the Memory Clinic?

The Memory Clinic is located on Ballakermeen Road, Douglas. Tel: +44 1624 642879

How much furniture can I bring in to residential care?

The amount of furniture would depend upon the home itself. You would have to discuss this with the home manager.

Where can I find out about home care?


Adult Services Access Team (ASAT)
Department of Health & Social Care
Markwell House
Market Street

Tel: +44 1624 686179

You should then be able to arrange a meeting if necessary, or to go the Home Care page for more information.

As a young mother, where do I get support?

You may be entitled to financial aid through Income Support. Contact:

Social Security
1st Floor
Markwell House
Market Street

Tel: +44 1624 685094


Homelessness - where do you find out about support for housing when you have nowhere to live?

If you contact +44 1624 686179  they can help you find a place and give you advice on what to do.

Adult Services Access Team (ASAT)
Department of Health & Social Care
Markwell House
Market Street

Where do I go to find out about help with school uniforms?

Contact Social Services on +44 1624 686179 for further details and advice.

How do I make a compliment or complaint?

Please see the downloadable leaflet on this page.

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