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Getting involved in projects

What's in it for you?

you will:

  • gain positive experiences
  • have your say about what it's like being in care
  • make decisions and changes about the care system
  • gain confidence and skills
  • get paid in vouchers or cash if you're aged over 16+ for taking part in some activities


You can:

  • join the Voices in Participation Council - VIP
  • take part in discussions; give your views, decision making and planning
  • design and help with the Participation and Voices website
  • design and help with making newsletters to send out to everyone in care
  • help with making a DVD about the VIP Council and other activities
  • help with one-off projects (for example, designing posters for competitions)
  • take part in and help plan and hold event days with other young people in care to get their views

Other opportunities

You can:

  • be a representative of the Voices in Participation Council - VIP and go to different forums/meetings
  • become a trainer for the Voices of Participation Training Program
  • be a member of interview panels for groups of staff and managers in Social Services and agencies
  • be part of inspection teams that inspect residential homes for young people in care

Want to join the VIP Council?

Further information about becoming a VIP Council Member and what it involves is available by contacting:

Ellen Hoskisson-Ennett, Participation Officer

Telephone:+ 44 7624 431447

Email:Send Email

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