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Champion for children and young people in care

Dudley Butt MLCOne of the main things I do is make people aware of the needs, hopes and aspirations of young people in care.

I have also been focusing on improving the image of young people in care. For the long term I hope to make your lives a lot better by carrying on doing this, and make sure that the government also work to make your lives better.

I have got a lot of experience and knowledge about the problems of children and families, and also as a result of my recent work with the Department of Social Care Children and Families Service and the Voices and Participation Service I have learned a lot more about your interests and hopes. I am very aware of the different issues that children and young people in care would like to raise, I will continue to talk to lots of young people in care to get your views on how it feels living in care.

You might come across me at the Voices in Participation Council (VIP) or you may have seen me featured in the Participation Newsletters or helping out at other activities the Participation and Voices Service offer. I now work with the Youth Service and maybe I will see you one day at Café Laare.

I have really enjoyed working with and helping young people in care and have found that you are all friendly and interesting. I need you to keep involved in all the work we are doing to make sure that your voice, and your needs, hopes and aspirations are taken notice of.

Dudley Butt

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