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Children’s Rights Champion

The Children’s Rights Champion is part of Children and Families Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit and is available to children and young people who are receiving support from the Children and Families services.

The primary role of the Children’s Rights Champion is to give children and young people the opportunity to have their voice heard during times when their families are facing challenge and adversity.  By giving children a voice, this enables them to share their own thoughts and feelings in their own way, empowering them to have control and be a part of positive change.

The Children’s Rights Champion may have contact with the child if they are:

  • Receiving statutory Child Protection services

  • A Looked After child

  • Wishing to make a complaint about the Children and Families Service

The Children’s Rights Champion works exclusively for children and young people and does not represent the views of adults.

To find out more information about the role of the Children’s Rights Champion, contact:

Ellen Hoskisson-Ennett, Children’s Rights Champion

1st Floor

Thie Yn Lheihys

Ballakermeen Road



Telephone:+44 1624 687503, mobile: +44 7624 460694

Email:Send Email

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