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DDay 80 Campaign

D Day 80 logo image celebrating 80th anniversary of the dday landings 6 June 2024

The 6 June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when Allied forces mounted the largest amphibious invasion the world has ever witnessed.

This page holds information about the range of events and commemorations taking place to mark this significant event.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Defence website

For more information about events of interest to the Armed Forces Community, join the Isle of Man Armed Forces Champion Facebook group.

About D-Day

In 1944 Operation Overlord saw around 4,000 ships and landing craft set down about 132,500 troops on five Normandy beaches in an action that would bring about the liberation of north-west Europe from Nazi occupation.

The statistics behind the successful operation, which eventually convinced the Nazi high command that their defeat was inevitable, are both shocking and awe inspiring. German defence forces were drawn away from Normandy by distraction tactics as resources were secretly built up on the English coast.

Nine million tonnes of supplies and equipment were shipped across the Atlantic and 1.4 million American servicemen arrived to join a substantial contingent of Canadian forces. By 1944 over two million troops from 12 countries were in Britain preparing for the invasion. On D-Day, American, British and Canadian troops were augmented by personnel from Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, France, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Rhodesia and Poland.

Soon after midnight on 6 June, more than 180,000 Allied paratroopers were dropped into the invasion area, and Allied air crews flew 14,674 sorties to support the landings.

Beacon Lighting

The bravery and sacrifice of those people in securing the peace and freedom we enjoy today will be observed by the lighting of beacons around the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories.

The International 80th Anniversary D-Day Beacon will be lit in Normandy at 8:15pm (British Summer Time), at the British Normandy Memorial overlooking Gold Beach, with the other Beacons located on Utah, Omaha, Juno and Sword beaches being lit at 8:30pm BST, followed by the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Beacons at 9:15pm BST.

Find out more on the D-Day 80 Beacons website.

Beacon Lighting on the Isle of Man

Details to be confirmed

National Fish and Chip Day

National Fish and Chip Day will be back in 2024 for its 9th year, taking place on Thursday 6 June 2024 in support of the D-Day 80th celebrations.

Fish and chips are often considered the British national dish and this humble meal was a vital ingredient of the war effort in both the First and Second World Wars. The British Government safeguarded the supply of fish and potatoes during both world wars to ensure the dish remained a boost to morale and these foods were among the few not to be subject to rationing during both world wars.

Visit the National Fish and Chip Day website to find out more.

Pin Badge

photo depicting dday 80 commemorative pin badge

Empire Medals have produced a Pin Badge to assist in the commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The Pin Badge is a unique way to pay tribute to past family members involved in D-Day on 6 June 1944, and/or WWII as a whole, so would be grateful if you would be kind enough to consider undertaking the following as soon as possible please.

Badges can be purchased from the Empire Medals website.

Commemorative coin set

A 5 coin set celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings has been produced by Isle of Man coins.

A 5 coin set celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings

Purchase yours on the IOM Coins website.


Ellan Vannin Pipes and Drums are delighted to be supporting D-Day 80 countdown to the anniversary of the D-Day landing. Piper Alistair Lothian said:

'We are honoured that the finals pipes will be heard across the Isle of Man. Between 1939 and 1945, thousands of military personnel came to train and bases were set up all over the Island. These included HMS Valkyrie, a naval radar operating training school on Douglas Head. A number of internment camps for civilians from enemy countries were established.

'Additionally, the RAF established an aerodrome at Jurby for training purposes on the NW coast of the island. There were several bombing and air-to-air firing ranges and schools for Air Gunners too. The main airport at Ronaldsway was also the base for an important Ground Defence Gunners School. We played our part and were proud to do so.'

All pipers and locations, with contact details listed below.

  • 28 May - Alistair Lothian, Laxey Rose Gardens
  • 29 May - John Struthers, Douglas Head
  • 30 May - John Struthers, Douglas Head
  • 31 May - Sheila Quaggin, Port Soderick, Heroes on the Water
  • 1 June - Alistair Lothian, Parliament Square, Ramsey
  • 2 June - John Shakespeare, Peel Castle
  • 3 June - Jane Falconer, Onchan Head
  • 4 June - Jane Falconer, Douglas War Memorial
  • 5 June - Fiona Hill, Jurby Church war graves
  • 6 June - Alistair Lothian, The National War Memorial, at St John's

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are arranging a series of events to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

For more information visit the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

Isle of Man events

Beacon Lighting on the Isle of Man

Details to be confirmed

Church service

Details to be confirmed

Flag of Peace

image depicting a waving flag commermorating the 80th anniversary of dday

The Nation will come together at 9am on 6 June to raise the D-Day 80 Flag of Peace and start a day of commemorations.

From Government, Civic Authorities, Municipal, Borough,City, Town and Parish councils, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Associations - anyone and everyone is encouraged to fly the official 'Day Day 80 Flag of Peace'

The flags are fit for purpose and you can choose either a traditional rope and toggle fitting or an eyelet fitting.

Each order will be dispatched with a Certificate of Grateful Recognition for taking part in D-Day on 6 June 2024.

Flags are available to purchase from the Newton Newton website.

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