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Residential Services

The learning disability service provides residential care to those with a learning disability that cannot otherwise care for themselves. We aim to provide a homely environment to meet the needs of the individual, endeavouring to provide as 'normal' a lifestyle as possible. Our services have a value base of: dignity and respect, choice, competency, developing relationships and a growing presence in the community. Each of our homes are staffed 24 hours a day with a staffing ratio based on the needs of the client group within each home. 

Types of Residential Care

Community Homes

At present we have 19 Community Homes supporting approximately 100 clients with learning disabilities, some of whom also have a physical disability. Care provided at Community Homes covers a broad spectrum of needs including the most complex and is available around the clock. The homes are made up of houses, bungalows and semi-independent flats, situated in all areas of the Island. Depending on a client’s needs, established in a Social Work Assessment, they will be assigned to a certain Community Home by the Disability Social Work Team. 

Respite units

We provide respite units on a nightly or weekly basis. This is to give the client and their family or carers temporary relief from their usual routine. We have one 7 bed unit and one 4 bed unit. This provision is based on the needs of the individual and their carer, in conjunction with a Social Work Assessment. 

Supported housing

Supported housing for people with learning disabilities is available at various locations around the Island. The aim of Supported Housing is to encourage and nurture the independence of people with learning disabilities. Having their own space enables the Service User to completely look after themselves and take part in regular household activities such as cooking and cleaning. Supported Housing residents have help on hand nearby should they need it, from social workers. 

Supported living

Supported Living is for clients with a learning disability to be supported in their own homes. Staff provide support at key times. 

Services available at Community Homes

Staff at the homes will do everything necessary to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of the clients. This includes:

  • enabling the clients to be as independent as possible and develop new skills to enhance their lives
    • supporting clients in maintaining their personal hygiene
    • supporting clients in the preparation of meals and enabling clients to maintain a healthy diet
    • supporting clients to ensure that they are always presentable and portrayed in a positive manner
    • supporting clients with general household responsibilities
    • supporting and encouraging clients to gain a greater community presence by accessing local facilities such as shops, cinemas, pubs etc
    • supporting clients in understanding responsibility and the value of money
    • providing total care for those individuals who cannot do any of the above tasks themselves 

Accessing Residential Care 

Access to the service is by referral to the Duty Social Worker, either direct, Telephone: +44 1624 686179, or through your GP.

If intervention is required, one of the Disability Social Work Team will undertake a needs assessment in conjunction with the carer.

For further general information on the provision of residential services for people with a learning disability, Telephone: +44 1624 618520.

Cost of Residential Care 

The cost of Residential Care is revised regularly, the most up to date figures will be available shortly. 

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