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Person Centered Plan

A Person Centred Plan (PCP) is what a Learning Disability Service User will put together to help communicate with staff and other people around them. A Person Centred Plan will include pictures of family and friends, holidays, pets, past achievements, anything that makes them who they are. The idea is to make it easy for a stranger to understand who they are and what their personality is like, even if the Service User has difficulty communicating. A Person Centred Plan also includes what the Service User wants to achieve, their aspirations, hopes and dreams. 

Making a PCP

Once you are enrolled in Learning Disability Services you will be able to make your PCP. Staff will help you to put this together, do not worry. They will suggest certain things to include and may ask you questions to work out what you would like to go into your PCP. Only put things in the PCP that you want to put in. You should try to do most of the PCP yourself, but the staff will help you as much as you need them to. Once you have made your PCP you can share it with everyone, it will be clear to people you meet what you like and don’t like, what you want to achieve and what you don’t want to do.

Every person with a Person Centred Plan will have a meeting twice a year with their Social Worker. The purpose of these meetings is to talk about things that are important to the Service User. Things like where they live, how they spend their time, and if they are happy with the services being provided to them. Meetings take place at the discretion of the Service User. Having planned meetings gives the opportunity to ‘stand back’ and look at what is really important and whether the things agreed between Service User and Social Worker that should happen are actually happening, and puts the Service User at the centre. There should be at least two of these meetings a year – or whatever the Service User wants.

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