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Supported Employment

The Department of Health and Social Care provide support in helping those with Learning Disabilities gain access to employment. We are committed to finding work placements for those with Learning Disabilities and supporting them throughout the process.

Accessing Supported Employment

If you are interested in our services as either an employer or an employee, or simply want more information please contact Pascale Despringre, Telephone: +44 1624 698343.

Supported Employment helps by:

  • developing employment portfolios for each individual that is referred to us and provide appropriate training in workplace environments
  • offering direct support and information to employers about employing someone with Learning Disabilities
  • providing 1 to 1 direct support to the individual (employee) to ensure that the standard of work is being met, just as it would be for any other employee.
  • helping and encouraging employers to develop employment opportunities within their organisation for adults with Learning Disabilities.

Using Supported Employment

We offer you a personalised service to meet your needs, both of employer and employee.

We will meet with you to review the placement regularly.

We are a friendly, accessible and competent team that will work with both employers and employees to make sure placements run smoothly.

Together we will work towards a more socially responsible society by enhancing someone’s life through work.

Example of Supported Employment

Through the help of the supported employment team, Owen gained 2 days work at Agrimark following a work placement replenishing stock in the warehouse and helping with deliveries. From this experience, Owen has gained greater independence and developed interpersonal skills as well as valuable working skills.

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