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Day Services for adults with learning disabilities

Adult Social Care provide a wide variety of Day ServicesĀ to people with different disabilities and needs. Currently there are approximately 85 Service Users attending Day Services. Information about our Day Service Resource Centres can be found below. Alternatively, use the menu on the left to navigate through our services.

Centre types

We have Day Service centres focussed on different activities such as employment and independence, improving social skills and learning and developing specific skills such as gardening or wood working skills. The centres offering Day Services are called Resource Centres.

Centre locations

We have Resource Centres located in different places around the Isle of Man so that day services can be accessed locally. Our Resource Centres are:


  • Eastcliffe Resource Centre
  • Eastcliffe Resource Industrial Centre
  • Greenfield Garden Centre
  • Woodbourne Day Centre


  • Mooragh View Resource Centre

Unfortunately we do not have a Learning Disability Resource Centre in the south or west of the Isle of Man, however, the Resource Centres in Douglas and Ramsey can teach you skills like independent travel using public transport which will help you get to those ones on a regular basis.

Can I go to one of the Resource Centres?

If you would like to access any of the Day Services Resource Centres, you should talk to those close to you about your choice and then contact theĀ Adult Services Access Team Telephone: +44 1624 686179.

A Social Worker will be able to advise you if you are eligible for the Day Service you have requested to use and let you know about any alternative options. After choosing a Day Service Resource Centre to go to you will be asked to read and sign a form which the centre manager will sign too. This is to show that you agree with how the centre works. A carer, family member or someone you trust can sign the form for you if you need help. It is not a legal document.

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