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Land and property to let

Department of Infrastructure invites Expressions of Interest for the development of any facilities which will complement the operations at the Ports, Airport and any other premises owned by the Department.

Development – Ground Leases available

General Industrial Development enquiries should be directed to the Department for Enterprise.

Jurby Industrial Estate

There are several areas of the Estate available for development on a ground lease, as shown shaded blue on the Plan, which are capable of being subdivided in to several plots. Specific proposals for all or part of these areas should be submitted in writing to Lesley Gallagher at the address below or by email to 

Peel Food Park

Specific proposals for industrial development should be submitted in writing to Public Estates and Housing Division at the address below.

Airport Technology Gateway, Ballasalla (currently Ronaldsway Industrial Estate)

Expressions of Interest are invited for Ground Leases in respect of the development plots, either whole or in part, indicated on the attached Site Plan. The Department intends to seek approval in the near future for the existing estate to be designated as a site which will offer opportunities for existing and new businesses to develop selected sites principally for very specific uses, details of which can be found in the ATG Masterplan Uses Definition. It is unlikely that any other type of activity will be supported other than those described in the Masterplan Uses. Interested parties should note that the Department aims to create a first class Business Park in a parkland setting and will therefore encourage and support proposals for high-quality and well-designed buildings.

Further information and any specific proposals should in the first instance be directed to the Department for Enterprise, telephone +44 1624 686400.

Property to let

Dhoon Kiosk

Exciting Opportunity Awaits!

Dhoon Kiosk

Indulge your entrepreneurial spirit and take the reins of the picturesque Dhoon Kiosk Café! The Department of Infrastructure on behalf of the Department of Environment, Food, and Agriculture invites dynamic individuals and passionate food enthusiasts to submit expressions of interest for this incredible venture.

Why Dhoon Kiosk Café?

  • Prime Location: Nestled in the heart of scenic surroundings, Dhoon Kiosk Café offers a captivating ambiance for customers seeking a delightful dining experience

  • Thriving Potential: Tap into the local community and visitors alike, with an estimated rental of £4,800 plus VAT per annum, providing an attractive business proposition

  • Flexibility and Creativity: Propose your ideal opening days, operating hours, and unique events to make Dhoon Kiosk Café

  • Culinary Showcase: Present your culinary prowess with sample menus featuring delectable dishes at competitive prices, enticing customers with a feast for the senses

  • Staffing Excellence: Outline your vision for the team, showcasing your commitment to exceptional service and a memorable customer experience

  • Proven Success: Highlight your catering and events experience to demonstrate your capability in taking Dhoon Kiosk Café to new heights

How to Get Involved: For a chance to turn this opportunity into a reality, contact Ellen Collister at 01624 687561 or email to arrange a viewing or gather further details.

Proposals should include:

  • Proposed Rental in the region of £4,800 plus VAT per annum
  • Proposed opening days and times
  • Proposed events
  • Sample menus with prices
  • The number of staff to be employed
  • Previous catering & events experience

Submit your compelling offers in writing to Ellen Collister, Commercial Officer, at the address provided, no later than 5pm on Friday, 23 February 2024.

Seize the chance to create a culinary haven at Dhoon Kiosk Café – where passion meets potential!

Land to let

There are no lands to let at present.

Contract car parking

Contract Car Parking available in Douglas.

Car Parks Available for Contract Parking Spaces subject to availability:

  • The Tongue Car Park
  • Little River Bridge Car Park
  • River Bridge Car Park
  • Chester Street Car Park

Prices are currently £1,075 plus VAT per year per space.

For details, please contact Yvonne Williams on +44 1624 686610.

Public Estates and Housing Division

Public Estates and Housing Division

Sea Terminal Building



Telephone:+44 1624 687300

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