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Sustainable Forestry and Timber

The Department promotes the use of sustainable timber production and is currently seeking formal accreditation for its approach to timber production and forest management.

Sustainable timber refers to timber that has been harvested responsibly. This reflects that when one tree is harvested, another is planted to replace it.

Sustainable Forestry means more than just replacing trees as they are harvested; it ensures that there is no ecological damage to the environment or its flora and fauna.

The Department's current sustainable forest management objectives promote the importance of a forest's economic, environmental and social values. Our forests are increasingly used for amenity and recreation with more and more families enjoying the green space for activities ranging from quiet reflection to adrenalin based mountain biking or high wires courses.

The Department's role is to ensure that our forest and woodland areas are managed sustainably so they are still here for our future generations to enjoy with the same benefits and opportunities we appreciate today. This is reflected in careful forest design planning and harvesting to allow the sustainability and enhancement of these uses.

Our forest areas are truly multi-purpose and the Department is committed to:

  • sustainably enhancing what they offer in terms of how they contribute to the Island's landscape
  • positively benefitting society and enhancing our future climate management services
  • securing a sustainable timber asset to ensure long term product availability to all our customers.
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