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Points and Off-cuts

These are offcuts from our post and timber products, most of which are a suitable size for burning. Sizes of wood cannot be guaranteed and can vary from load to load, depending on what which products we are producing at the time. They consist of ends of boards and small and large points (some of which may only be suitable for kindling), although there may be some pieces that require cutting. Delivery is by tipper wagon which has a capacity of approximately 5.5 cubic metres. Please note that this is a non-refundable item.

Please contact us to enquire about availability.


Firewood bundles

Slabwood bundles consist of the sides of timber that we cut off when it is first put through the Sawmill, but also contain rejected and broken planks that have been processed of varying sizes (some of which may only be suitable for kindling) in 3.6m to 3.8m lengths. These pieces are collected in a stillage and bundled together in approximately two and a half feet round bundles.

Post wood bundles come in approx 1.65m lengths and are the small dimension offcuts from our agricultural post production. These come in approximately 3ft round bundles.

Slabwood is currently £50 per bundle plus delivery.

Postwood is currently £45 per bundle plus delivery.

We do not guarantee that this timber is suitable for immediate burning.

Slabwood bundles

Bagged firewood

Already an ideal size for burning we provide 40L bags of firewood and kindling which are available for collection.

Bagged Firewood

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