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ThinsPoints and Off-cuts
Delivered by Tipper Wagon. Available in Spruce and Pine depending on stock levels. Thins are approximately 12ft in length and 4"-5" in diameter. A chainsaw may be required to reduce them to suitable size for domestic use. Each load measures approximately 3 cubic metre.

This firewood is already a suitable size for burning as they are off-cuts from our post and timber products. Sizes of wood cannot be guarenteed and can vary between small end pieces to larger ones which may require cutting. This firewood is delivered by Tipper Wagon. Each load measures approximately 3.5 cubic metres.

Thins Points
Firewood bundlesBagged firewood
Slabwood and postwood are the sides from the timber that we cut off when it is first put through the Sawmill or Post plant. It is collected in a stillage which measures approx 1 cubic metre before being wrapped into a bundle. Slabwood bundles come in 12ft lengths and are available to order. Post wood bundles come in lengths of 6ft and these are on back-order. Contact us directly to enquire about availability.

Already an ideal size for burning we provide 40L bags of firewood and kindling which are available for collection or delivery. 

Bundles Bagged Firewood

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