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Trade marks

A trade mark is a name, device or slogan that distinguishes a business or a brand. It may be protected for 10 years (renewable indefinitely) by registration.

The Isle of Man does not have its own register of trade marks. However, the United Kingdom trade mark system applies to the UK and the Isle of Man as a single area, and thus trade marks registered in the UK Intellectual Property Office are protected under Manx law.   

The UK Trade Marks Act 1994 applies to the Isle of Man subject to modifications made by Order in Council.  The current Order is the Trade Marks (Isle of Man) Order 2013 (SI 2013/2601).

Registering a trade mark

  • If you are based in the Isle of Man and wish to register a trade mark in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man you can contact the UK Intellectual Property Office
  • If you wish to protect a trade mark throughout in the European Union, you may apply for a Community trade mark via the OHIM, the official trade marks and designs office for the European Union. You can find more details on the Office’s website
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