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Accident reporting

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1985 as applied to the Island (RIDDOR) came into force in January 1993. The regulations place duties on employers and the self employed to report accidents to the inspectorate.

Serious and fatal injuries at work should be reported immediately, whilst accidents resulting in injuries where workers have been off work for more than three days, should be reported within seven days of the injuries being sustained. There are also requirements to report certain diseases and dangerous occurrences that happen as a result of work activity.

The Inspectorate use these reports to identify where and how serious risks arise, which accidents need to be investigated and to provide you with information and advice to help control the risks and prevent similar accidents happening.

Online RIDDOR submission - see hyperlinks below

Please note that only a successful submission will generate an acknowledgement email

Type of incidentImmediate responseWritten report RIDDOR formForm to use
Fatality/Major Injury
Dangerous Occurrence
Reportable immediately
by quickest practicable means
Within 7 days of the incident F2508
Over 3 day injury
Occupational Disease certified by a Doctor
(For information on diseases reportable contact an Environmental Health Officer on 685894)
  Within 7 days of the incident F2508
Gas incidents
Death/injury/explosion/carbon monoxide poisoning/large leak of more than one tonne
Reportable immediately
by quickest practicable means
Within 14 days F2508G
Dangerous Gas Fitting
  Within 14 days F2508G

The inspectorate has produced a leaflet explaining what the duties are with lists of serious injuries, dangerous occurrences and some occupational diseases. Included with the leaflet are three forms; F2508 for reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences, F2508A for reporting diseases and F2508G for reporting flammable gas incidents and dangerous gas fittings.

See downloadable documents for forms.

For any further information, please contact us on +44 1624 685881

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