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Problem gambling

Gambling can develop into a real problem for some people, affecting them not only financially, but also from a social and psychological point of view. When this happens, gambling may not only be hurting them, but also their family and friends.

Gambling may have become a problem if you find you are:

  • spending more money and time on gambling than intended
  • starting to lie about your gambling habits and hiding them from other people

  • borrowing money to pay for general living expenses – e.g. utility bills, basic groceries

  • losing interest in any activity other than gambling

  • finding your work or home life is being affected

  • feeling unable to take breaks when gambling for a prolonged period

  • neglecting your own welfare and that of your family

If you are an Isle of Man resident and concerned with any of the above or feel gambling is taking over your life, the Isle of Man can offer the following free services:

  • Motiv8 Gambling Service on +44 1624 622011 via text on +44 7624 498985,  or Freephone 0808 1624 627 or email:
    Motiv8 has a team of counsellors who are trained to deliver GamCare’s model of care (gambling support and treatment framework)

  • If you are in a crisis situation (i.e. with thoughts of self harm) should contact the 24hr Crisis Response Team on +44 1624 642860

  • If you have a debt problem arising from gambling, can contact a Debt Counsellor confidentially on +44 1624 686510.

For those who wish to contact an off-island confidential advice and assistance service, please contact:

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