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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Information

The GSC has three messages to those who rely upon its supervision to keep gambling safe.

To those who choose to gamble with our licensees, the GSC is fully operational and continues to supervise the Isle of Man's regulated gambling sector. This means that all of the regulations designed to keep you safe are still being monitored and if you encounter difficulties with a gambling operator that you cannot resolve, you can contact the GSC via its website to lodge a complaint and the complaint will be dealt with.

To those who are supervised by us, we take it for granted that you continue to implement the high standards expected of you with respect to player safety and the protection of funds. We also recognise that it is a time of significant economic distortion and so we are prioritising measures that help you adapt to the changes you are experiencing. You should continue dialogue with us so that we can accommodate difficulties in a way that both meet our mandate for protection and your commercial realities.

To those who intend to license with us, it remains our aim to throw our regulatory umbrella of protection over as many people as possible, so we continue to accept applications for licensing.

COVID-19 update 5 May 2020

Some trends have emerged during the lockdown. Please see our comments below.

We have become aware of a number of gambling websites, which claim to be licensed by us, but which are not. When we become aware of these sites, we list them on our website's rogue's gallery. While the GSC does make some attempts to remove any false reference to being licenced by the GSC, unfortunately there is little of practical use that we can do to shut these sites down, because they operate outside the Isle of Man. If you gamble with these sites, you may not have the same protections that you have on genuine Isle of Man licensed sites.

We've observed a surge in DIY-gambling using social media and tele-conferencing apps such as Facebook, Zoom, Skype etc. If you use your computer in the Isle of Man to organise these without first having a licence, then you're breaking the law. There are exceptions for charities and private clubs. We're very aware that not many people understand that there is specific law to cover gambling and fewer still who know the details. However gambling, even when privately organised locally between friends carries risks that our law regulates, which is why we operate a system of licensing. We are reasonable when we become aware of these activities, but if you are offering gambling that is regular and from which you or your company benefits, then you should either cease or approach us for details of licensing.

Finally, if you are a licensee, please be aware that we have modified our policy in the following areas. If you have not been made aware of these changes, please contact us for details. The areas are:

  • Revised policy on the restriction of directorships in the sector
  • Revised policy on the addition of live dealer studios
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