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Manx Roads 2

Manx Roads Part 2 provides guidance to developers on construction of new residential roads

The guide provides advice to developers and their designers on the technical design of new residential roads, the specification of materials and workmanship, and the procedure to be followed to ensure the adoption of residential roads.

Manx Roads Part 2 specifies the various permitted materials and gives detailed descriptions of workmanship involved in the various procedures, together with the required standards and tolerances. The guide is generally compatible with the UK Department of Transport Specification for Road and Bridge Works (3). The Guide cannot be conclusive; any material or method not included should be submitted in advance to the Highway Authority.

Even though the planning procedure for developing a site may have been fully completed, before any work starts on site, it is vital that detailed constructional drawings are approved by the Department of Infrastructure which is the highway authority for the whole of the Isle of Man.

Manx Roads 2 has been indexed and split into sections. The documents are in their original format and some drawings and advice may have been superceded. Please contact Highways Network Planning Section for further advice.

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