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Change business details

If any details relating to the business name change, you must notify the Companies Registry on the appropriate form within 14 days of the change.

Changes include changes in the name or address of the business itself or in the names or addresses of the owners of the business name.

There is no fee payable if you inform us of the change within 14 days but a late fee of £15 is payable if you notify us after that time.

The types of change in particulars forms are:

  • BN3 for a registration by an individual 
  • BN3a for a registration by a partnership
  • BN3b for a registration by a corporate body

See - Business name forms

If a business name ceases trading, the Companies Registry should be notified within 3 months by submitting form RBN 14, which needs to be signed by either the sole proprietor, or on behalf of the sole limited company, or by all the partners if it is registered as a partnership. There is no fee payable.

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