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COVID-19 Update

The Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) (Electronic Transmission of Information - Enterprises) Regulations 2020 were made on 23 April 2020 and are now in operation.

The Regulations can be found online. 

These Regulations make temporary provision for the electronic filing of documents in the Companies Registry, for companies and the other enterprises established under the enactments referred to in the Schedule, during the Coronavirus Proclamation period (as defined in regulation 3).

They provide that that the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 applies in relation to any transaction, as long as the transaction relates to a document that is required to be registered in the Companies Registry. In particular, these Regulations provide that the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 applies in relation to a mortgage, debenture or charge on the undertaking, property or revenues of a company or public authority, subject to the additional requirements contained in regulations 6 and 7 (where documents are required to be signed or witnessed by a person).

These Regulations also provide for the extension of periods by which fees payable under the enactments must be paid before late payment fees are payable. The extended fee period will apply until 1 month after the end of the Coronavirus Proclamation period. However, these Regulations do not extend any period by which any information must be submitted to the Department of Enterprise or to the Registrar General, as the case may be.

A Guidance document on the Regulations issued by Companies Registry is available online. 

Thank you for your patience while we have been working with colleagues from across Government on introducing these regulations.

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