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UK Conditions and Variations

Important information regarding your UK Fishing licence 

DEFA will no longer be posting UK Licence Variations to the Nominee. Variations to your UK Fishing Licence will be made available via this website.

The Department will use its best endeavours to send you an alert notification to your nominated email address or phone number. Within this notification there will be a link to take you directly to this website.

Such notifications will not inform you of specific details but rather that a variation has been made.

It remains the responsibility of the owner and master to ensure that they are aware of the most up to date information and that the UK Licence, Conditions, Schedule and Annexe are kept up to date.

Licence Categories 

Cat A - 10 Metre and under Sector (9123)

CAT A – Conditions (91)
CAT A – Schedule (91)
CAT A – Annexe (9123)
NTOM (9199 & 9123) 27.08.20

CAT A –10 Metre and under non-sector (9199)

Uncapped Licence Conditions (91)
Uncapped Licence Schedule (91)
Uncapped Licence Annexe (9199)
NTOM (9199) 25.09.20

CAT A – Over 10 Metre (117, 1123)

Cat A Conditions (11)
Cat A Schedule (11)
Cat A Annexe (1123)
Cat A Annexe (117)
NTOM (11,12,17,31,41) 02.09.20

CAT A – Over 10 Metre Non-Sector (1199)

Cat A Conditions (11)
Cat A Schedule (11)
Cat A Annexe (1199)
NTOM (11,12,17,31,41) 02.09.20

CAT B – Over 10 Metre (3123)

Cat B Conditions (31)
Cat B Schedule (31)
Cat B Annexe (3123)
NTOM (11,12,17,31,41) 02.09.20

CAT C – Over 10 Metre (4123)

Cat C Conditions (41)
Cat C Schedule (41)
Cat C Annexe (4123)
NTOM (11,12,17,31,41) 02.09.20

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